Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Ladies, What are we going to cook for the dinner party!"

What a helpful site!
If you are in a "dinner rut". I am very happy that I found it. It got my creative juices flowing.
The Poorhouse Gourmet


  1. RATS! i just tried to click on the link and i got an error page - 3 times! so i will come back and try it later - it sounds like a great place for dinner ideas!

    Thanks for stopping by the Yukon Preppers is part of the Canadian Preppers Network (CPN) and is associated to the American Preppers Network (APN) - basically the CPN and APN are a group of like-minded people who contribute to each of that state/province blogs and share ideas about "prepping" - food storage, pantry-building, gardening, preparing for emergencies, etc. Please come back and check out the CPN and APN often...John and Katie currently write for the Alaska Preppers Network - check them out too!

    As Arnold says - i will be back!


  2. ok I will and I will try to fix that link- now.