Sunday, July 11, 2010

back from Camp and etcetera.

Our youngest is back from camp and although he had a great time he is happy to be home. Here is a photo of him that I took when I was in Cordova ( where my DH is working) at the start of summer.

Here is a picture of the beautiful fuzzy blanket that my husband got us for our bed. While my husband is away at work My dog is keeping his side warm. He misses his "Daddy"

Here is me wearing my new pre-tied tichel . Waiting to pick DH up from the airport for a weekend home. I sure missed that hard-working man. We had a lovely time together. Although right as we were pulling up to get him to his plane. Some family member with an anger problem called and did say some very hurtful things, I realise now that satan was at work in this. But I felt so sad at my husband and at me. I am very sad to have this happen and I am tearing up even know thinking about this.


  1. You must have missed him a lot.

    You look lovely; how do you get that to stay on so well?

    Thanks for visiting me. My little guy is getting up earlier & earlier it seems (yawn; I'm so tired!)...

    Blessings, Michele

  2. (WAVES) Found your blog over on the yahoo group :)

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