Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new knit dishcloths

They aren't blocked but here they are. They will go great in our travel trailer. Two cloths from one ball of "peaches and cream" yarn. I also had a bit of yarn left over so I bought one more ball of the same color. I would like to make a couple more dishclothes. I would like to get 5 out of two balls. Both of these patterns are found free online.
The underneath one is the basic "Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth" The pattern is free here: DISH AND WASHCLOTH MANIA ( and many others similar as well)

The upper one ( one on top) is called the Darrell Waltrip Cloth. It was fun to make.
The pattern is found here: Knitting Knonsense

Enjoy and Happy Knitting!


  1. Those are really lovely; I love the color! I hope I can learn to do that someday.

  2. I use the lower of the two patterns :) So easy and quick to make aren't they? One thing you can do to more likely be able to get the 5 out of 2 skeins is don't go to 45 stitches wide, go to 40 or so. It gives you a bit smaller dishcloth but it might give you the 5 clothes out of 2 skeins you're looking for!