Saturday, January 22, 2011

31 degrees

where did the cold weather go? I think it went on down to the " lower 48". Well I don't miss it! What's the weather like where you are at?


  1. This morning on the way to Church it read 4 degrees outside! Yikes!! Yesterday morning it was only 1 degree :( I think the high for this coming week is only 15 degrees tops... but who knows how quickly that will change! You can take it back if you want lol :)

  2. FREEZING; with more snow on the way!!! I wish I could send it back up to you LOL!

  3. It's colder here in Kansas than it is in Alaska :)
    Could I share your name and e-mail address with a friend of mine? She is a head covering Christian who is still new to Alaska and having a tough time finding a church to attend. She hasn't met another head covering Christian in Alaska yet and he daughter is missing church. my e-mail addy is littlekitten6 @ thanks, Tammy