Thursday, January 8, 2009

new covering

I am not "good" at covering. Everything seems to slip slide or pull. I have tried many kinds. I keep coming back to the kerchief style. When I am doing things like baking or cleaning I wear an old bandanna. I like it because it stays on.

but it's not something I want to wear to church, doctor appointments, etc. so I came up with this.

I received this pretty fabric (and a few others) free through freecycle. What I did for the pattern: I took the bandana that I usually wear and I folded it into a triangle ( the way I wear it) I copied that shape onto the fabric but about a half inch more to account for hem. I cut it our and rolled the hem and stitched.

I do not like my headcovering to "tent" around my head so I added some simple darts to the back. It ended up looking very nice. My husband said that he "Really really likes it. It looks classy."
I will definitely make more of these.


  1. Looking at your covering I think you'd like doing them like we do.
    How is fastened at the nape of the neck? A snap?
    We have a snap closure. But I still had 'wings' that just didn't like to drape nicely. Below the snap, going toward the bottom of the covering, I stitch in a bit of elastic, just a 2 or 3 in piece of 1/4 in elastic. This pulls in the back much the way your darts do, but keeps my coverings reversible.
    I'll get a picture on my blog later in the week.

    Love the fabric...very pretty.

  2. HI, I really like that idea,,,never thought of adding some darts on the back. I wear hats alot during the winter as it is cold and I walk to work... but I to like the bandana's as they seem to fit well. I have made several other pretty ones that I wear as well when it is warmer.

  3. I like your covering style too, Briana. I mostly wear bandanas also. Your fabric is lovely.

    Love Beth (aka Tovah)