Friday, March 6, 2009

homemade laundry soap

Are you making your own soap yet- If not please consider it. It saves money and has less chemicals than the store-bought soap. I use this recipe:

I have used it with felz-naptha soap, and with ivory soap ( which is my basic household soap) both work well. It becomes a liquidy gel. It works great.

a note: it does not make alot of suds. This does not mean it isn't cleaning.

Here is some information about suds: What makes suds.

If clothes are really really really grubby then I do add a small amount of oxy-clean. I have no proof that this does a better job but it makes me feel like it does. lol.


  1. Where do you get "washing soda"? I had heard of this type of recipe but wondered where to get that ingredient.``

  2. I get it at my grocery store right by the laundry aids.