Saturday, August 15, 2009

Life in Alaska - none can compare!

Here are some photos from our camping trip up to Chena to see Daddy. ( Daddy's building a bridge and we miss him so!)

First off my romantic DH surprised me with roses when we arrived ( after 8 hours in the car). It was a lovely surprise.

Then two photos of DH. First one is him standing by the campsite whistling for the dog but it looks like the caption should say "Man's quest for fire fulfilled!" and a bubble coming from his mouth "Ohhh pretty!" Hee hee.

and next is actually the last night we are there. My husband is cooking dinner on the campfire. There is a cast-iron pan somewhere in there! Suprisingly it turned out well.

Here is my lovely middle son. He is such a happy camper!

Then I saw this pic of my eldest son and I knew right away who he reminded me of. Now all the people can stop searching because Bigfoot has been found!

Old photo:

New photo (of course it would be a teenage boy!):

The very dangerous sleeping bag shark. AKA Teddy Bear.:

Then here I am on camping day 1.

The last night camping. Swollen from hives and stings. Haven't been near a bath or plumbing for days. Cooking meals for three kids, husband and dog... I earned my badge.

My youngest on the trip home. Shhhhh don't wake "the baby"!

Whew well that's enough for now. Next time I will post pics about the north pole. So you all come back now you hear-

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