Sunday, August 23, 2009

this means war- frugal wasp traps

on wasps.
I have been stung numerous times this summer. Yesterday I was stung and it hurt all day.

So I looked up on the internet how to make a trap. Suprisingly it is very simple and inexpensive and they work!

I baited two traps with salmon. I counted up the wasps and with the two traps I netted 27 wasps.
See photos and directions below.

First you take a gallon jug. I used one milk jug and one jug from windshield cleaner. Then you cut a hatch in said jug. ( I roll up the extra bit like a tent door.)
Next you take a one to two inch square of fish and wrap in salmon. Hang the salmon from the top of the jug and let dangle in area by hatch. Then fill jug with water mixed with a squirt of dishsoap. ( this breaks the surface tension of the water). The greedy hornets/wasps need a one inch take-off area so after chewing off a piece of meat they will drown themselves taking off. Some do get away but that is ok as they tell all their buddies about the meat and so more show up. Add more water, soap, and bait as need be. Also make sure to scoop out the dead insects otherwise they will make little life-rafts for the other hornets. A very quick, frugal and poison-free alternative to commercial insect repellents/traps.


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  1. I have wasps in one of my favorite birdhouses that has many apartments. I think they thought they were renting a condo! That is one smart queen. Did you know the queen leaves at the end of the year and finds a warm protected place to hibernate then comes back. My wasps are back again and I plan on putting a plastic bag over the house at night and closing it to hopefully suffocate them. I have tried your idea and it works great especially around the patio. When you are not sure where they are coming from and their source it is a great idea!!!
    The Frugal Fraulein.