Sunday, September 13, 2009

suet from scratch

beef suet ( free from the meat market of the grocery store)

melted down. ( my boys kept asking what smells good. ughhhh!) then. I kept the pure liquid fat and threw out the rest. I put the liquid fat in a bowl and mixed in raisins that had been plumped in water and oats.

Then I put the whole thing into square pyrex dishes and let set-up. It comes out of the pan easily.

I put it in a suet-holder I found on clearance for 2.00 ( I also have a second one stored away for this winter that I got free off freecycle.)

and another look...

so far our favourite visitor has been the stellar jay.

1 comment:

  1. Oh for Heavens sakes! I thought for sure I was going to be reading about supper that had been sauted in Lard, LOL!
    You are quite fortunate to find it for free!