Monday, November 23, 2009

one pot cooking= less dishes.

I have been trying to cut down on the number of dishes I have had to wash. I was pretty good at doing this when we lived in the rv but since I now have a "normal stove" I have noticed that I spend much time doing dishes. And this isn't my favourite chore! So this past week I have gone back to my one pot cooking. Tonight this is what I made for supper. Broccoli, Macaroni and cheese and Beef sausages. This is how I did it: First I put a large pot of water on to boil- into that I dumped a bag of frozen broccoli and the sausages. I let this cook a while. After has cooked until almost done I dumped in three boxes of mac and cheese. When macaroni is cooked I drain into colander. - put the sausages on a plate and then dump the broccoli mac mixture back in. I follow the mac and cheese directions except I add some sour cream to make it more creamy and flavorful. I also sprinkle with seasoning. Serve. So In one pot I was able to hit all the food groups and best of all ONE POT TO WASH! Yesterday I made a one pot meal of beans rice and chicken. So what can you make in one pot? Be creative!

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  1. That sounds very yummy. We can't eat things with dairy; our meals are so plain. The crockpot has been a nice easy way for me to cook basic meats etc & have minimal cleanup.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!