Saturday, November 28, 2009

photo update.

My husband and I in front of our newly painted bedroom wall.

The room almost finished for our middle son.

What happens when you complain too much to dad about how hard it is to hold the ice pack on your boo-boo. Hee hee.

Now he is all "recovered"

and finally (if you are super-squeamish don't scroll down) but we caught three mice ( not blind mice!) in our pantry. My husband has "gone to war" with them and is currently at the home-improvement store buying more ammo aka glue traps. Here is a photo of one of the guilty parties. Unfortunately he is rather cute... but destructive and dirty. I have been wiping down everything with a tea tree oil soap solution. On a funnier note my little dog for some reason thinks that when we catch a mouse he is the one who actually did it and walks around with his head held high and his tail in tha air. We all pat him and say "Good job!" It is rather funny.




* here is pipsqueak* First photo I ever took of a live mouse. He doesn't look much like "mickey" does he?

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