Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I haven't shampooed my hair in two and a half weeks.

It's completely true. I took the "no poo challenge" and it works! At first my hair had to adjust and it was oily but I stuck it out and WOW. My hair has never been shinier.
I do use white vinegar instead of apple cider and just because I like the smell.. I drop a couple of sweet orange essential oil into the vinegar+water rinse.


  1. Hi, just wondering do you rinse your hair with some vinegar? My mom used to do this all the time to use children as we were growing up. She told us it helped so we would not get lice at school.. it worked we never did. Hmm might have to give it a try.. I wash my hair once a week. I used to every day. I have to wash it at least once a week due to its thickness. But it sure makes a difference for sure the less you wash it and take the natural oils out of it. Hope things are well with you!
    blessings Debylin

  2. okay just read what I wrote... Forget the first sentence! lol. Long day!

  3. Looks good. I'm tempted to try this, even with curly hair lol.

  4. it is even better with curly hair.

  5. I don't think I can go for 2.5 weeks! LOL.
    I used to wash my hair every day, now it's every other day...if I am really lazy or super tired before bed, every 2 days, but that's rare.