Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today was an inside day:

I was semi-productive.

I made lentils and brown rice tacos for dinner.
I got the salmon out of the freezer for tomorrows pesto salmon
I posted ads on craigslist and freecycle
I cleaned the bathroom with natural cleaners.
My favorites are: borax mixed with dishsoap for sink "softscrub", a mix of the same dumped in toilet and scrubbed. ( maybe 1/4 cup scrub or less depending on your toilet situation)
I had some leftover "green cleaner" so I used that to wipe down bathroom" but I prefer tea tree oil dripped into hot water.
Then I use straight white vinegar on rag to do mirrors.
Frugal- green- and it WORKS!
I homeschooled the boys. We talked about Elisha, The slave girl and Namaan- So we talked about FAITH. We did math..., free reading, some art, composistion and my eldest biology. They also learned the "art of cleaning *grin*
Now I am going to put my feet up- pet my dog- and do some reading and crocheting.
God is Good.
well they wiped down their bathroom area and washed rugs.

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